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My name is John A.K.A S7igh (Sligh) and I just want to say Welcome Home! As an Army Veteran, gaming has always been one of the biggest passions of my life both casually and competitively. Gaming, coupled with an eccentric personality, is what led me to streaming, and creating content and to be honest...I am obsessed.
I love creating content, I love engaging with my audience on both Twitch and other social media platforms and we have finally reached our goals of becoming a FULL-TIME streamer and content creator!
Join me and the Gvng for some fun, and mediocre gameplay! LETS DO THE THING!


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Twitch: As a Full-Time Content Creator, we go live every Mon-Fri 4pm-7pm EST and we are NEVER late! Stream will always be a MINIMUM of 3 hours but we always exceed that because our vibes are too great! Click here and join in on the fun and enjoy the vibes and pro gameplay!


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TikTok: Ready to witness a whirlwind of gaming triumphs, epic fails, and some INSANE sniping? Follow my TikTok for mind-boggling Twitch clips that will leave you questioning both my sanity and your life choices!


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Discord: Join the family and be part of something BIGGER! You can join to find others to play with, or just socialize. Whatever you need, this link above contains it!


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Merch Store: Stop living a shirtless existence and clothe yourself in laughter-inducing awesomeness—visit my merch website now!